Enjoy an evening of truly terrifying tales of terror with your favorite horror host. From blood-soaked creature features, to atmospheric frights and everything in between. Featuring full commercial breaks included in the broadcast. This is a horror anthology for the ages. 

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A bloody legend becomes all too real for a group of kids heading out for a weekend of camping and partying.

Will they survive what waits for them in the woods?

From Lucky Cerruti, writer/director of KINDNESS OF STRANGERS, comes a new reason to fear the forest... 

"Bloody, Gory, and Imaginative." - Horror Society

"My jaw dropped more than a couple of times" - HorrorBuzz.com


"Balls to the wall carnage" - Twisted Minds

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On the search for the perfect venue for their wedding, Sarah and John find their accommodations on a popular travel app. They are warmly welcomed by their host, Gail, and things seem too good to be true. But when John and Sarah learn more about who they are staying with, their idyllic trip turns into a bleak nightmare they could never have imagined. 

From writer/director Lucky Cerruti comes a vision of isolation and terror.


"Does for rental accommodations what JAWS did for swimming in the ocean" - Twisted Minds

" Uncomfortable and unsettling" - goretrollslair

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Hardcore Horror Fes
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